Our Story - etripoutdoors

We are a roof tent manufacturer. All colors and details shown here do not cover all what we can do and therefore, if you have your own design, please just feel free to contact us for custom. and the prices shown on this web are our sample prices or our retail prices, with duty, tax and shipping uncovered.

Our Story

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in camping tents, especially, roof top tents and luxury glamping tents, for more than 7 years. At the end of 2017, we established our own brand ‘E-Trip’. What is E-Trip? Many of our customers ask. Yes, it may not so cool, dashing and impressive, but it contains our ultimate pursuit of our business, to make the trip eco-friendly, enjoyable and easy. Besides, E-Trip can be abbreviated to E.T., which is a movie we like very much. The young actor Elliot always reminds us to be open and friendly to new things and we also hope, like him, our products can bring our customers happy and wonderful experience. Although we are a young brand builder, yet, backed up by 2 market-sensitive product design and development members, more than 100 skillful production staff, 6 picky quality inspectors, 8 professional sales consultants and 2 patient and highly efficient after-sales girls, we have full confidence to produce quality tents for your brand as you expect and also, we retail tents with our own logo. No matter buying for business or personal use, you can get help from us. If any question or need, just feel free to contact us.