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Car Roof Top Tents

Triangular Hard Shell Car Roof Top Tent Nacre

$2,410.00 USD

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  • Shell: Fiberglass;
  • Fabric: 280g PU-coated and UV protective ripstop canvas (with water proof rating of 2000~3000mm), with good beathability and thermal insulation, to keep the tent neither too hot nor too cold;besides, at each door and window, a no-see-um mesh is provided to keep mosquitos and other flies away;
  • Mattress: 7cm thick high-density sponge with a washable cover and integrated with a 3D non-slip mat, to offer you a comfortable bed in the outdoors;
  • Supporting: Stainless steel, strong and with good corrosion resistance;
  • Loading capacity: 250kg (max.);
  • Ladder: About 2.3m full-length telescopic/sliding aluminium ladder, with a maximum loading capacity of 150kg;
  • Size Options: 210*125*150cm (reccomended for 2 adults) and 210*145*150cm (recommended for 2 adults + 1 kid)
  • Colors: For shell, black or white; for fabric, khaki, green, or gray; custom is acceptable.


  • Secure
  1. High above the ground to keep away from dampness, flodding and animals;
  2. With 2 hard shells, just like the nacre, to protect from rain, wind, and coldness and offer a cozy sheltr in the outdoor;
  • Easy to set up
Pneumatic truss, to make sure the tent can be set up within second by turning the key, free from setup hussle after an exhausted driving

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